WELCOME the official site of the Rutgers University Cycling Team. The Rutgers University Cycling Team is based at the Rutgers New Brunswick Campus and participates in all disciplines of cycling including Road, Cyclocross, Mountian, and Track. We hold informal rides, formal training rides, social events, charity fundraisers, and races in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference (ECCC). The team is proud to host the annual Rutgers Cycling Classic, the first race in the ECCC calendar and one of the most-attended collegiate races in the country.

Any Rutgers University student, faculty member or staff member may join the team. We do not hold tryouts, cut racers, or have a deadline for joining. We welcome people of all fitness levels and bike handling skills. Like most collegiate teams, we ask our members to pay yearly dues (currently $50 or $100 a year depending on membership level) and sign a liability waver. Proceeds from dues go towards race reimbursement, administrative fees, and team equipment. The majority of riders receive reimbursements and sponsorships that far exceed the cost of dues. Read the FAQ below for more information.


Where can I ask questions and learn more about club activities?

The club does all of its correspondence through Google groups. Head to!forum/rutgerscycling to sign up. Once signed up, you can ask questions and receive emails about rides/activities.

We also have an alumni listserv. Whether you were involved with the team as a student or discovered cycling later in life, this group is for you.

Do I need a fancy bike to ride with the team?

No! It is not necessary to have a special bike to ride with the team. If you are concerned about your bike's shape, feel free to email the list and ask for advice/help. The team has many knowledgeable people who can fix almost any problem. Also stop our favorite local bike shops, Efingers Sporting Goods, if you are in the market for a new bike.

Do I need a helmet to ride with the club?

Yes. No exceptions.

Do I have to pay dues to race with the club?

Yes. We offer two levels of membership, racer and club level.

Will the team help provide me with a bike to try?

There is no official program to provide this service, but a friendly email to the team's listserv usually turns up a bike someone is willing to loan.

Where can I get Rutgers cycling apparel?

We generally stock basic cycling garments (jerseys, shorts, jackets) in many sizes. Email for availability and pricing.

Does the club do anything besides ride?

Of course, the club has regular meetings, performs community service, provides academic support, and sings karaoke together.

Is Rutgers fast? How big is the team?

Rutgers dominates the cyclocross circuit and has a growing team in road racing. The team currently has about 20 active riders and typically sends more than ten riders to a race.

How much does it cost to race?

The team reimburses race fees and travel costs for all its race level members. The riders bear the cost of food and the bike.

I am new to NJ, where can I ride?

See our rides section to get an idea of possible places to take your bike.


Contact Us!

We are happy to answer questions and hear from prospective racers, riders, sponsors, fans, and Alumni!

For general questions, please email our president:

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Rutgers Cycling thanks the recreation department for its continued support.